Hello! My name is Metacognitive EcoSophy

Welcome to this laboratory where we re-boot reality. If you landed here I can assure that you have been looking for answers for too long already. If that is so, what if you try changing the questions?.

Please have a look at my disrupting proposal and feel free to make questions.

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Interested in experiencing #METACOGNITIVEHACKING?

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This is a very transgressive venture, that’s why the first tele-session is free so that you can test our scope without any commitment.

Of course any questions, contributions, opinions and suggestions about the content of this platform are very welcome.

You can contact through the Telegram channel, by email to

<saludesvida (at)riseup. net> or by filling in this form:

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Regularly I will be posting texts, tools, essays, videos, platforms, blogs, and all kinds of content that serve to work out our “blind spots” and at the same time generate new neural circuits towards an integrative perception.

If you also want to share tools, they are very welcome. Please send them via this link, or by email to <saludesvida (at)riseup. net> or to our Telegram channel.

Systems thinking

How the quantum model is adapted to perception and co-creation of social context

Beliefs and Mirror work “The work


Social conformity bias

Learned helplessness

Tolerance towards diversty: Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity and the Bennett Scale

Butterfly” model to process conflicts as energy flows


Sustainable green and conscious project management Dragon Dreaming plus Empty Centered Organizations (ECO)

Non-locality notions

Invisible violences

Space-Time Structures

UTheory and #ULab

Deep Ecology and practices by the work that reconnects





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